eBay Sales Tips

There are 133,096,240 listing at anytime on eBay. Does your listing stand out?

While anything can sell on eBay, it won’t sell well if a seller makes beginner mistakes. When is the best time to start and end an auction? What is the best way to describe an item? How do you make your item stand out among others? Will your item sell? An expert eBay seller will know the right strategies to get your item successfully sold.

If you price an item higher than similar items, you are at a competitive disadvantage. If you price your item too low, you rouse suspicion in the bidder. Make sure to do your eBay research.

For optimal sales it is critical to list items at the right time. This ensures it is timed to end when your best customers are most likely online. Bidding wars occur most often in the last few hours of an auction. If your bidders are at work, asleep, busy making dinner, they won’t be around to fight over you.

Some methods of shipping are better than others when you’re selling on eBay. You’ll want to predetermine the best method of shipping (and options) for your product in terms of postage, insurance, delivery confirmation, and delivery time.

An experienced eBay seller will know all aspects of selling, including auction types, starting prices, promotion, photographs, shipping, packaging and selling strategies. If you’re new to selling on eBay, begin by selling something small (not your family heirloom!). Make money not mistakes.

Use Experienced eBay Sellers To:

  • Drive swarms of traffic to your auctions with effective promotion strategies.
  • Write “bidder magnet” listings that explode your final selling price.
  • Identify the hottest markets on eBay and increase auction success.
  • Understand the latest changes to eBay’s rules, and take advantage of them to beat your fiercest competition.

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