Why eBay?

eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace, with eBay buyers and sellers from around the world participating in millions of auctions every day. Three million items are purchased daily in 50,000 categories.¬†With that type of reach, you can sell anything to anyone around the world.

Almost anything can sell on eBay. Think about the unused items you have around your house. You can begin by selling used goods, small appliances, wedding gifts you may never use, old books and DVD’s, used sporting goods, clothing items you never wear, etc. You’ll get more money selling your stuff on eBay than having a garage sale.

eBay Gets Over 70,000 New Members Registering With Them Every Single Day!
eBay is the #1 Online Marketplace For Products
eBay is Currently the 18th Most Visited Website In The Entire Internet
1/3 Of All Internet Users Visit eBay at least Once A Month
eBay Gets More Search Queries on its website than GOOGLE does!!!

10 Interesting Facts About eBay

9: number of minutes between the sale of SUV’s on eBay.

$18: cost of an eBay share when company went public in September 1998. After splits, it’s worth is $760.32.

19 million: Number of items on the site at any given time, more than 300 times the number of stock-keeping units in a typical Wal-Mart.

150 million: Number of eBay buyers per month.

26: Number of eBay websites around the world (from Argentina to Taiwan).

1: The number of digital cameras sold per minute on eBay.

$4.9 million: The highest eBay sale price yet for any item – a Gulfstream II Jet that sold in 2001.

59%: The percentage of merchandise sold using eBay’s fixed-price format (But It Now) versus eBay’s auction format.

15,000: Number of eBay employees.

10 terabytes: The amount of new storage eBay engineers have to add each week to cover new transactions.


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