Vintage Scooby Doo Digital Alarm Clock

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Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Honking Van Digital Alarm Clock This is a really fun, and cool vintage Scooby Doo digital alarm clock which sold for $49.99! It measures approximately 6 3/4 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide and stands about 4 inches high. The digital clock numbers are a pretty green (a nice alternative to the red digital numbers so commonplace nowadays). The clock and alarm are simple and easy to set up. When the alarm goes off, the van makes a charming “honking” sound that is sure to wake you up, maybe even make you chuckle! To snooze the alarm, just tap the top of the van to depress it and give yourself a few extra minutes of sleep. It’s ingenious! There is also a nightlight that can be turned on and off with a switch and gives a nice glowing effect, with light illuminating inside the driver and passenger compartment. There is a battery compartment as a backup in case there is an electrical shut off. The battery case has no corrosion and is in great condition. The stickers on the van are sticking and not peeling. It is in 100% working order.

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